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Discover More about the Furniture Category and Furnishing Your Home

Furniture pieces are the primary and essential building blocks of home life and interior design. Altogether Home has put together a sizable collection of stylish furniture, with a particular focus on the bedroom and bathroom, but also with pieces perfect for the dining room, living room, family room, home office, kitchen, foyer, hallway, or den.

All of the bathroom and bedroom furniture at Altogether Home comes to us exclusively from the eminently talented interior designer, Marc Thee. A notable name in interior design, Marc Thee's creations help set Altogether Home apart as your opportunity to affordably outfit your home with the look and feel of beautiful, professional interior design.

Whether you're looking for beds, dressers, sofas, coffee or dining room tables, chairs, bookcases, shelves, or more, Marc Thee and Altogether Home can make all the difference in your home experience with our exclusive and inspired touches of interior design