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Marc Thee Home Collection

Marc Thee Home Collection

Marc Thee

After 25 years of designing luxury residences and boutique hotel projects, Marc Thee has been inspired to create a new collection of home furnishings all available exclusively at Altogether Home.


Marc Thee Home Collection Vanity

Marc has taken great care to design furnishings that complement modern or traditional settings. For example, vanities are designed to celebrate the beauty of natural hardwoods, and are thereby very pure and organic in form. "I am so fortunate to be working with one of the most highly talented furniture makers in Italy for my vanity series. I was literally astonished at the quality of the wood and the bench-made craftsmanship applied to each piece."

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"I am creating furnishings that combine classic, timeless style with a twist toward high-fashion, or what I consider fresh and new."


Marc Thee Home Collection Bed Linens and Headboards

The headboards, also made in Italy, are scaled to make a show-stopping statement in a master bedroom or guest room. "If you get the bed right, the rest of the room comes together easily. If you make the bed wall the 'snapshot' for the whole room, you have made a great start." To complete the elegance of the headboard designs, Marc has designed three bedding collections that are designed to be mixed and matched. "I imagine that my sheets and blankets will inspire Altogether Home customers to create their own personality in the bedroom. All of the pieces look great together in any combination, and will suit any space - from the most traditional room to the most contemporary."

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