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It’s easy to get swept up in all the aesthetics of home interior design. Putting together a beautiful dining room interior is a fun, exciting, and creative process, but never lose sight of one thing: home living is ultimately about living in YOUR home. It’s okay to make it about you. In fact, that’s exactly what you want to do. Your interior design should reflect your personality.

One great way to keep the personal touch alive in your home: display framed pictures in your dining room (or any other room of the house). These can be personal photos or artwork that strikes your fancy. Black-and-white stills can create a remarkable effect.

Of course, we are interior designers here, so when we put together our picture frame collection for Altogether Home, we still kept a keen eye open for style. As a result, our picture frames are elegant, beautiful, and utterly chic. Showcase your prized pictures, photos, and artwork with our picture and gallery frames. Choose from metal, wood, or mother-of-pearl frame for your home... or send them as the perfect gift!